How To Waste Time With Meditation

If you come into any meditation practice expecting to get something you are probably going to leave it feeling disappointed. Although using a mantra or an intention can somewhat help direct your unconscious toward aspects of the self you would like to explore, let’s face it, the unconscious has a mind of its own!

Sadhguru explores the idea of using meditation to waste time in this recent Hindustan Times post. According to Sadhguru, success in meditation comes when a person recognizes that nothing needs to happen. The important thing is to be in the mindset where you don’t need a takeaway in order to feel complete.

Simply be, nothing needs to happen. If you drop “What can I get?” in everything in your life, you will become really boundless and absolutely compassionate. There is no other way.

You just have to drop this one simple calculation because that is the key to your whole mind and the mental process.

People do not have the necessary awareness to simply be, that an alternative was suggested, which is for you to just be in love; because this is the one state where to some extent – I wouldn’t say all the way – you can be without a takeaway.

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