How You Practicing Meditation Benefits Others

Meditation | Use Meditation To Stop ProjectingIf you’ve been on this planet for a while, you know that anger, frustration, sadness, and all those other less appealing feelings we walk around with can, at times, be quite contagious. Whether born from our inherent misguided codependent tendencies or the result of poor boundaries, taking on another’s feelings just plain sucks. Now think about how frustrating it can be for others when the roles are reversed.

Ed and Deb Shapiro pen this recent Huffington Post on using meditation to prevent the chain reaction and blame game that can occur between people when it comes to their feelings. According to the Shapiros, by using meditation to make peace within ourselves, we in turn, present that attitude outward where it can help to decrease suffering within others.

“We have to find a way to remove ourselves from all those messages of unfulfilled desire coming at us or we do not have a chance to clear our minds,” writes Lindsay Crouse in “Be The Change.” “The kind of constant busyness we are a part of is actually a kind of aggression against ourselves, because we have no peace. More importantly, we construct the world by how we think. For instance, when we are in love, we will run out in the rain with our lover, dancing and singing and celebrating, getting entirely wet; whereas most days when we open the door and we see it raining, we use an expletive. It is not the rain’s fault; there is no quality in the rain that should make us either happy or unhappy. That is coming from us. So, if the way we are seeing the world is coming from within us, then the world is a reflection of how we are thinking and feeling and acting and speaking. In that case, we need to take time out to deeply consider how we want to behave.”

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