Hypnosis Is Another Form Of Meditation

Meditation | Hypnosis As A Meditation Utilizes A Person's Internal ResourcesAlthough hypnosis is one of the oldest mind body therapies found in the world, for many reasons it is also one of the most misunderstood. And unfortunately, due to the way this meditation technique of sorts has been portrayed in the media over the years, the idea of using it to help cultivate a relationship with self is considered somewhat of a joke.

Checkout this recent Hometown Annapolis post on hypnosis and its practical application in helping to raise a person’s level of concentration. According to Scott Smith, while most people tend to associate hypnosis with a therapist taking over a person’s mind, in reality, a therapist helps a person to enter a trance-like state where their internal resources are more readily available.

As a therapy, hypnosis helps patients use this natural human ability to their advantage and enter into a heightened state of concentration. A therapist trained in hypnosis facilitates the subject’s ability to achieve a hypnotic or trance-like state. This state is comparable to that achieved during deep relaxation or meditation. In this state, the body is often relaxed with the mind focused on the pre-determined relevant, therapeutic issues.

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