Hypnotherapy And Cancer

Meditation | Use Hypnotherapy And Meditation To Get To The Heart Of Your IssuesIt’s widely known that meditation and other relaxation techniques can be helpful when facing life situations that cause you great stress and anxiety. Those diagnosed with cancer or people undergoing treatment can attest to that. What most people don’t know, probably due to how the practice is portrayed in the media, is that hypnotherapy like meditation, can provide successful entry into the unconscious where a person can find peace and healing.

Checkout this recent Enumclaw Patch post from Heidi Dietrich. In it, Dietrich, interviews hypnotherapist Shalynn Flavell, who herself used hypnotherapy to deal with the overwhelming negativity, anxiety, and stress caused by her bone marrow cancer diagnosis and treatment. According to Flavell, similar to a meditation practice, hypnotherapy helps people to achieve their goals by first getting to the heart of their issues.

Clients visit her West Seattle studio for help quitting smoking, losing weight, grieving the loss of a loved one, or navigating a divorce. The reasons vary widely, and Flavell says hypnotherapy can be equally effective for a range of problems. “Hypnotherapy takes an issue and breaks it down to the core,” Flavell said. “It helps anyone who is feeling stuck in their life.”

Flavell said she typically spends time talking to a patient before she begins the hypnosis. The patient tells his or her reasons for wanting hypnotherapy and what she hopes to accomplish. The patient will always be in control during a hypnotic state, Flavell said, and explains that hypnotherapy is really just a heightened state of relaxation. Flavell also observes if a client responds best to visual, kinesthetic or audio cues.

Read more from Dietrich and Flavell on using hypnotherapy to deal with fear and anxiety here.

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