Hypnotherapy And Meditation Can Save Your Inner Child

Meditation Benefits | Change Your Unconscious Behavior Patterns With MeditationBoundaries, safety, acceptance, and love. Among many others, four vital needs a child must have met in order to function optimally in this world.

Unfortunately, however, for the vast majority of us, many of our needs were either inadequately met or in severe abuse cases, not met at all. If you’re one of those people, you know how your childhood has affected your current sense of self and orientation toward the world at large. And while most people find the idea of an inner child ridiculous, if you think about it, each one of us still has that confused and scared aspect of the psyche still inside us. The truth is, that unless this part is healed and nurtured by our adult selves through practices like meditation, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy, this out of control part can wreak severe havoc on our lives.

Rama Awasthi pens this insightful Times of India post on the nature of the inner child and how meditation techniques like hypnotherapy can help access the unconscious mind where the fear and hurt reside. Unhealed, according to Awasthi, we are prevented from leading a life of abundance as this wounded part, understandably, generates a great amount of self-blame and guilt.

What’s the point? First recognize your inner child and then listen to it.

We can sort out our lives by recognising our inner child and listening to it. All children deserve love and acceptance and if we somehow lacked this, we have to heal that part of us right now.

How can this be done? By changing the negative programming of our subconscious mind consciously. The programming of our subconscious is done through information received through our senses. If we start feeding positive affirmations with the intention of healing our inner child, our life will and can change. As you shift your focus to a life full of love, empathy and acceptance, you shift base, choosing love and that begins from within.

When we love and accept ourselves unconditionally, our surroundings also change according to the law of attraction. If we feel we are lovable, we attract loving people and circumstances in our life. We start respecting ourselves despite what, we think, others think of us. For instance, someone might have told you that you are useless and predicted that you will be a failure. Have an intention to belong to a base of love — and break this pattern of unexplained misery.

Read more from Awasthi on using hypnotherapy meditation to reparent your inner child here.

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  1. Steve Stork says:

    The “inner child” is a nice way to put it. Another way to put it is that one learned things during childhood with a naive understanding that no longer serves one as an adult. IOW, the conscious mind recognizes inappropriate reactions to certain situations, and is confused by that inappropriateness; not realizing that the reaction arises from the subconscious, from that inner child; and IT responds in ways the adult self would not.