Increase Your Capacity To Receive Through Meditation

Meditation | A Meditation Practice Will Make You More Self AwareThe ability to receive is a challenging area for most people. I’m not talking about receiving those things material. Rather, the capacity to recognize and take in love, wisdom and support from another. Why is this so difficult? For many of us, the inability to receive comes from deep seeded wounds and belief systems from childhood where our association with love and support was damaged. And unfortunately, until a person makes a concerted effort to heal these wounds, life can feel empty and lonely.

In this latest Ann Arbor post, Susan Scott Morales looks at how meditation can help us to get in touch with our needs, specifically our need for support. According to Morales, by tuning into our bodies through practices like meditation, we stand a much better chance at identifying our needs so as to take the steps necessary to get them met.

What I’ve found in my own meditation practice is that I become more self-aware, more tuned into the subtle needs of my mind, body and emotions. In order to do this, I have to quiet my mind and listen — that is, to receive what my mind, my body and my emotions are telling me.

Is the tightness in my gut from hunger, anger, loneliness, boredom or excitement? It’s amazing to me how often, when I take the time to turn inside, I find the answer is different from what I had thought.

Have you ever confused thirst with hunger, fatigue with sadness, anxiety with overstimulation? In my experience, people do this all the time and end up not getting their needs met.

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