India Inc Still Behind The Times

Meditation | Meditation Is A Form Of Preventative HealthcareWhile it makes sense that in the West we have been slow to incorporate meditation and yoga as part of preventative healthcare, in the country that invented the practice of yoga and meditation, you would think that they would be first in line to offer their workforce this kind of coverage…no so.

In an interesting survey conducted in India by Towers Watson, as of late, the most popular of these prevention techniques have yet to dent comprehensive employee healthcare benefit strategies.

The survey, conducted from July to September 2010 across various industries, found that reimbursement for yoga, Art of Living and meditation is provided only by firms whose revenue lies in the range of Rs 300-Rs 400 crore.

However, a majority of the top 500 companies do provide, as a part of employee well-being and wellness programmes, other benefits like reimbursement for vaccination cost, gym membership and annual medical check-up.

Read more of these interesting findings here.

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