Introducing The Eyebrow Meditation

Meditation | Meditation Helps To Bring New Perspective To LifeOne of the greatest things about meditation is that the practice enables you to reframe anything. That is, look at any situation whether that be within oneself or between others from a new perspective.

For most of us, we get caught up when we view life from only one direction. Meditation allows us to see the multitude of ways in which we can come to and participate in life.

Simon Parke pens this recent Daily Mail post on a powerful but simple meditation technique to help you put things in perspective. Called the eyebrow meditation, when you find yourself in a challenging situation, the point is to focus on something removed from the circumstance.

There was a radio discussion about what people were given when young to make them feel better.

A man offered his story of what he used to do with his children whenever they were hurt.

Whatever the particular problem, he’d say to the crying child: ‘Do your eyebrows hurt?’

There was an understanding that if it was really bad, your eyebrows hurt. If they didn’t hurt, it may be painful, but it wasn’t too bad.

Of course, it was rare for their eyebrows to hurt, which meant that painful though whatever had happened was, well, it wasn’t half as bad as it could be.

The pain-free eyebrows put things in perspective. I like this story.

There are times when we need to re-frame our pain and dislodge it from its determined efforts at primacy. Perhaps the eyebrow thing will work for you, too.

Perhaps something else will give you a fresh way of seeing today.

Read more from Parke on the eyebrow meditation here.

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