Is Conventional Healthcare Finally Starting To Meditate?

Meditation | Combine Meditation With Conventional HealthcareAlthough meditation has been around for thousands of years, it’s only been of late that healthcare institutions in the West have begun to include meditation and other integrative healing methods in the services that they provide.

Whereas at one time a patient looking for a more holistic approach to their condition would have to seek healthcare “off the grid,” today many Western hospitals and medical centers pride themselves on how they look at heath and wellness from a much more integrative and complementary perspective.

ABC News recently published this post which lists 31 medical institutions offering integrative and complementary care. The list is broken down by state.

Health care providers are increasingly suggesting that their patients look to meditation and other integrative techniques to improve their health, according to a report released Monday by Harvard Medical School and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Many medical centers and institutions, in fact, are providing such services themselves.

Find the list of hospitals and medical institutions offering meditation and other integrative healing methods here.

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