Is HypnoBirthing The Wave Of The Future?

Meditation | Meditation Techniques Can Make Labor Easier For Expectant Mothers I’m not even going to begin to guess or comment on what it must feel like to deliver a baby (from a mother’s perspective). I’m seriously male. Suffice to say, having watched enough Grey’s Anatomy and TLC, it certainly looks like a lot of work, not to mention quite uncomfortable. That said, the benefits far outweigh the costs, which is probably why women continue to give birth.

Checkout this latest Herald Extra post on a new form of pain management for expectant mothers called HypnoBirthing. Part meditation, part self hypnosis, HypnoBirthing teaches soon-to-be mothers the relaxation techniques needed to help prevent their bodies from going into survival mode during the birthing process.

HypnoBirthing is a natural birthing style that focuses on reaching a point of deep relaxation so the mother can work with her body. She practices self-hypnosis, which blocks out distractions, reduces the level of pain and allows the woman to enjoy childbirth. Essentially, proponents say, the mother relaxes and the baby just kind of slips out with little pain or discomfort. It’s largely in the mind.

“The power of the mind is phenomenal,” said Debbie Gordon, the HypnoBirthing teacher at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, who has a new class starting tonight. “You can create your own reality literally with the power of your mind.”

That description is a far cry from what you normally see — and hear — with childbirth. But that’s the way it’s supposed to be, said Lauralyn Curtis, a Utah County HypnoBirthing practitioner. The difference, she said, is women believe childbirth is going to be painful and difficult; the body goes into survival mode and starts funneling blood away from non-vital organs, including the uterus.

Read more on using meditation and self hypnosis to manage pain during childbirth here.

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  1. Well, thanks for giving information on Hypnobirthing. I think every expecting women should learn this natural, fearless and comfortable style for giving child birth.

  2. As a midwife with years of experience with homebirths, I know that this is the most imortant now. Simpley because of the fear that is so overwelming among women and those who are supposed to support them in birthing. Women choosing homebirth are often naturally relaxed and comfortebel with the situation, and that state of mind seems to influence directley upon the birthing.