Is Meditation Really So Radical When It Comes To Treating Depression?

Meditation | Depression Can Help Point Out Deeper IssuesIf it were up to me, everybody would be meditating. Why? Because people seem to be much nicer when they are practicing meditation. For many, a practice helps them to center their thoughts and be more productive. While for others, a meditation practice provides relief to those sometimes overwhelming feelings like sadness and depression.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chadha addresses whether or not depression can be treated with meditation in this latest Med India post. Citing the prevailing view of depression in the fields of Western psychiatry and psychology, Chadha points out that in Eastern philosophies, symptoms aren’t necessarily medicated. Rather, they are considered signposts pointing to deeper issues.

My own experiences of treatment of such condition is with and without medication. In many cases, I have had to help a person come off medication gradually, which can be done under supervision along with psychotherapy. The way I work with my clients is with imagery and meditation or simple breathing exercises.

In eastern parts of the world, the symptoms of depression are more physical than psychological. A person may not be able to express themselves verbally because of family pressures and demands of the culture. So the symptoms appear as pains and aches in various parts of the body. They may also appear as anxieties and fears. Though grief is different from depression, in my experience, too many losses of family members, friends or relations can cause the condition of depression even many years later after the events.

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