Is Meditation, Yoga, And Breathing Becoming Mainstream?

Meditation | Practicing Yoga, Meditation, And Breathing Exercises Can Increase Health And Well BeingWell of course breathing is already mainstream, actually vital to one’s health. The question is whether the use of meditation, yoga, and intentional breathing exercises are methods gaining in popularity with Western doctors?

Says a Harvard study, the answer is yes.

According to My Healthy News Daily via MSNBC, the study which was published in the 5/9/2011 edition of the journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, reports that approximately 3 percent of Americans use certain mind body therapies like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises as prescribed by their physician.

Nerurkar and colleagues collected information from more than 23,000 U.S. households from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey. They found more than 6.3 million Americans used mind-and-body therapies due to provider referral. That compares with 34.8 million who were self-referred. Those who were referred to mind-body therapies by their doctors tended to be sicker and used the health care system more than people who self-referred.

“What we learned suggests that providers are referring their patients for mind-body therapies as a last resort once conventional therapeutic options have failed,” Nerurkar said. “It makes us wonder whether referring patients for these therapies earlier in the treatment process could lead to less use of the health care system, and possibly, better outcomes for these patients,” she said.

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