Is Mindfulness Meditation Helpful?

With all the different buzz words out there having to do with meditation, its a wonder that anyone with a working ego which focuses on “doing it right” ever gets down to actually meditating. Zen, Buddhist and now mindfulness meditation. That said you might want to check into the new research and promising benefits a solid meditation practice can have on your life.

Carolyn Butler recently posted in The Washington Post how with a little planning, a meditation practice can actually boost your brain. While it is important to seek the right style of meditation for who you are, its equally as important to not be discouraged when your mind starts to wonder (hint: that’s part of the point). Two helpful tips from Butler (via Hugh Bryne from the Insight Meditation Community of Washington) is to practice, practice, practice and to see if you can be mindful all day long.

I’ve dabbled in mantras and mindfulness over the years but have never really been able to stick to a regular meditation practice. My mind always seems to wander from pressing concerns such as the grocery list to past blunders or lapses, then I get a backache or an itchy nose (or both) and start feeling bored, and eventually I end up so stressed out about de-stressing that I give up. But I keep coming back and trying again, every so often, because I honestly feel like a calmer, saner and more well-adjusted person when I meditate, even if it’s just for a few minutes in bed at the end of the day.

Read more from Butler and her take on the helpfulness of a good mindfulness meditation practice here.

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