Is Rock Climbing A Form Of Meditation?

Meditation | Meditation Benefits Can Be Found In Rock ClimbingIt can’t be stated enough: there isn’t just one right way to practice meditation. Put simply, meditation is any practice a person finds that enables them to mindfully focus within. What’s the point? To reconnect a person to one’s internal resources of abundance, direction, and sense of being.

K.C. Dermody pens this recent Yahoo! Sports post on the benefits of meditation when it comes to rock climbing. According to Dermody, although one wouldn’t typically associate the strenuous sport of rock climbing with meditation, when it comes down to it, scaling a rock while dangling precariously in the air necessitates a state of mindfulness that could mean the difference between life or death.

The sport of rock climbing requires a great deal of concentration. Your mind is only able to focus on one thing; therefore climbing becomes very meditative. You don’t have to be sitting or lying down to reap the benefits of meditation. Rock climbing becomes mindfulness as you learn to stay present in the moment, concentrating on your every move.

More from Dermody on meditation and rock climbing can be found here.

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