Is Society Afraid Of Meditation?

Meditation | Meditation Benefits Include A Feeling Of Being FreeSure meditation can help you with stress and anxiety as well as with a slew of other health related issues. That said, why is meditation so powerful? Well, because at the heart of the practice is freedom. And if you’ve been on this planet for a while, you know how valuable a commodity that can be.

Checkout this recent oldie but goodie Osho blurb from The Times of India in which the renowned philosopher discusses (past tense) the role of society in a person’s life and how meditation goes completely against it. As a result, Osho argues, society is fearful of meditation.

Fear of meditation

The whole interest of society is in how to exploit you, how to enslave you, how to use you in a more efficient way, almost like a machine. It gives you all the education just for these secret aims. It prevents you from knowing anything about meditation.

It is afraid of meditation, for the simple reason that a meditator starts living a life of freedom, a life which has its source within. He does not care about respectability, honour, money and power. All these things become trivia, because the meditator knows real, valuable things: he knows silence, peace, love; he knows a dancing heart, he knows the music that is within his own being and also outside of him. He becomes aware of all these treasures. Now money is like children’s play; power is violent, brutal, barbarous. Anything that needs to be competitive, he will not participate in, because every competition means enmity, every competition means putting somebody down. Your victory is going to be somebody’s defeat, and he cannot conceive that he can be the cause of anybody’s defeat, sadness and suffering. He becomes a dropout from the competitive, egoistic, money-minded, power-oriented society.

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