Is Theta Meditation Legit?

Whether or not you believe that there are any real differences in all the meditation practices out there, one thing is certain…you are sure to feel different when you are done meditating. In this Hubpages post (which is disguised as another form of meditation) just might be the key as to why you actually feel a change when you finish meditating.

Most people are aware of beta brain waves (the kind that operate when you are awake and alert) and alpha brain waves (the kind that operate when you are daydreaming or in a light meditation). Theta waves occur when you are either asleep or in a deep meditative trance. Theta waves are essential to the restorative and healing processes of the body. Benefits include: improved learning ability, greater emotional sensitivity, better experiences with self hypnosis, increase creativity. The trick is to stay centered long enough in order to drop into a theta rhythm.

Most meditation techniques, once mastered, can be used to enter the theta state. It is easier when you know how to achieve a deep level of mental and physical relaxation, and especially if you also have the ability to quieten down your mind. While these things are often easier said than done, and meditation can be challenging, it does get easier with practice. The most important thing is to choose a form of meditation you enjoy, rather than trying to force yourself into a practice that feels like a chore.

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