Is Your Aura Clean?

Have you ever had the experience where you met someone and wished that it was possible to really tell who they were just by looking at them? Like a personality x-ray machine. Well now you can…sort of.

Padmini Narasimhan in this insightful Deccan Chronicle post explains the concept of a person’s aura as the means by which to truly get insight into a person’s personality and makeup. According to Narasimhan, the main benefit of reading someone’s aura is that it can’t be controlled. Meaning, regardless of what a person tells you, the color of their aura will reveal the truth.

Giving an extensive breakdown of ten possible aura colors, Narasimhan says that while auras can’t be manipulated, apart from maintaining a meditation practice, he recommends working with a skilled healer to help clean you energy fields of any unwanted “baggage”.

How often have you been told to get rid of the mental baggage? Sounds familiar, isn’t it? In the same way, one also keeps accumulating spiritual baggage which has a direct impact on one’s aura. As a result of this excess load, the aura begins losing colour or starts turning hazy, this is also when one begins to feel depressed or irritable often. Ignoring this could lead to mental or psychological issues and that’s when one needs to go in for cleansing of the aura. This is a highly spiritual routine that can only be done by a professional. Cleansing involves clearing all the blocks in and around one’s chakras and also clearing the obstacles that disrupt the free flow of energy around one’s aura.

It is hard to say how often one needs to go in for cleansing because each one’s capacity differs, that’s why one is asked to meditate for at least five minutes everyday because apart from restoring peace of mind, this also helps to cleanse the aura.

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