Is Your Energy Field Out Of Balance?

Meditation | Rebalance The Chakra System With A Chakra MeditationEverything in the world is made of energy. This includes us humans as well. For those familiar with the 7 chakras, when a person feels sick, unbalanced, or hurt, it’s because one or more of these energy centers is out of balance. By using energy healing tools like chakra stones and techniques like Reiki, Quantum Touch, or Cranio-Sacral Therapy, it’s possible to get these vortexes to again spin with optimal efficiency.

In this latest Self Growth article from Eva Langdon, energy healing as a means to rebalance the chakra system is discussed. According to Langdon, chakras can become sluggish and overburdened as a result of who we come into contact with, “dirty” situations, and the negativity and fear that we store in our bodies. Through energy work, however, a person can let go of this negative energy that would otherwise wreak havoc on our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The benefits of energy work are many. It is relaxing, peaceful and comfortable. It brings about a state of deep relaxation and sometimes sleep. Working with energy does no harm, as the energy only goes where it is supposed to go. There is no way to ‘mess it up’ as the energy knows where in the body it needs to go. Dispelling negative energy that we have picked up is a natural function of our Chakras and something that they do automatically, however, we have become so depleted because of the emotional and physical messes that we have made in our world, our relationships and our lives that sometimes we just need a little boost. When we get sick, we take vitamins and support our bodies by drinking lots of liquids. When our energy is blocked, we use energy healing to dispel that blockage and heal our Chakras. We are so interconnected that one always and inevitably helps the other.

Read more on how to balance your chakras from Langdon here.

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