Is Zen Meditation Going Mainstream In Japan?

Meditation | Join A Meditation Class To Learn How To MeditateAccording to The Mainichi Daily News, the use of meditation as a means to clear and organize the mind is on the uprise. So much so that meditation classes are being made accessible to the general public. In Tokyo at the Tokyo Grand Hotel, commuters fast-paced on their way to work are given the opportunity to go within by participating in a class that begins at 6:45am that first focuses on the breath and then on concentration. Called “Asakatsuzen”, it means “taking advantage of the morning to practice Zen.”

A short distance away in Yokohama is a stay the night course also geared toward the general public. Called “Zen no Ichiya” which means “One night of Zen”, the evening consists of several different meditation exercises followed by Buddhist vegetarian dining and a good night’s rest.

Recently, more people appear to be learning and practicing Zen meditation to clear and organize their minds. There are courses that make Zen meditation accessible to the public, such as one at a hotel in downtown Tokyo that offers courses in the morning before work, and a popular stay-the-night course at a temple in nearby Yokohama. How can Zen meditation help people in today’s hectic environment?

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