Its Never Too Late For Yoga And Meditation

Don’t be fooled, yoga and meditation isn’t just for the young. Despite custom yoga mats, sequence outfits, and kitschy water bottles, the practice of yoga and meditation is beneficial for people of all ages. And while it is most definitely “cool” to practice your down dog at the yoga studio du jour as featured in the Los Angeles Times, communities geared more toward the older generation are now incorporating the practice as a way to help those in their later years.

Tara Somerville in her latest Taos News post takes a look at how yoga and meditation is adapting to the community. Instructor Rajinder Khalsa at the Taos Yoga and Pilates Studio works with seniors whose exercise ability spans a large range.

The class consists of gentle stretching and joint mobilizing movements, chanting, a short meditation and a few rounds of “breath of fire.” This invigorating breathing practice involves a rapid succession of quick inhales and exhales out of the nose followed by a full diaphragmatic breath. Khalsa explains that this practice strengthens and cleanses the lungs.

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