Jewish Meditation And Attention To Detail

For those who have been practicing meditation for a while and even for those who haven’t or don’t practice at all, the idea of paying attention to the details can be a somewhat challenging task. With all the influences that a person encounters on a daily basis, staying in a constant state of mindfulness is no small feat.

In her follow up post to her first article on mindfulness and Jewish meditation, Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb explores more deeply the concept of mindfulness as a way to pay attention to those otherwise overlooked details that when not aware of can lead to a life out of balance.

Attention to the small details is also a characteristic of mindfulness. A calm soul is reflected in a balanced and orderly outer environment. Thinking peacefully and being in the moment help us pay greater attention to the small things—and vice versa. Keep your home, your car, and your office uncluttered; become more proficient at saying no to requests that aren’t in line with your priorities. Staying organized and balanced will help you keep from overtaxing yourself, and can help reduce the level of stress you experience in your life. Torah literature describes a well-ordered environment as a balm to the soul.

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