Kaiser Takes Meditation Mainstream

Meditation | Meditation Can Reduce Hospital Patient StressUnless you’re at the hospital expecting the delivery of a baby, chances are the reason for your visit is less-than-pleasant. That said, whether waiting for a newborn to finally show his or her face or because of an unfortunate accident, a trip to the hospital can be stressful and overwhelming. And while most hospitals come equipped with a chapel to allow for people to quietly pray and reflect, many times the space is shrouded in a particular religion. According to this Roseville Press post from Sena Christian that’s about to change.

Now patients at the Kaiser Roseville Medical Center will have a dedicated non-religious space in which to ease their stress and draw upon their own personal strengths through the use of meditation. According to Christian, the room purposefully designed for meditation, spares no detail including the chairs which are arranged in a way to promote inner privacy as well as the kind of chairs which aren’t too comfortable to allow for someone to sleep.

Prior to Kaiser’s meditation room, Anderson said intensive-care unit nurses came to her asking for a quiet place to recover from the illness and death they experience daily. Spending time in a hospital whether as a nurse, patient or visitor takes a toll.

“People are facing death and serious illnesses,” Anderson said. “There are many loses every day, so they’re dealing with these great emotional stresses, as well as spiritual stress, like, ‘Can I go on? Did I deserve this?’ They’re really wrestling with God during this time.”

The meditation room, she said, provides a place to seek wisdom, express fears, ask for mercy, grieve and find the strength to carry on.

Read more about how Kaiser is holding space for meditation here.

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