Keeping Focused With Mindfulness Meditation

Everybody knows that meditation is a common alternative treatment prescribed to counter symptoms of depression. It can also help to lower stress and anxiety and promote focus. The question is, how?

Mother Nature Network takes a look at the how in this latest post. According to Steve Pollak, based on recent studies done at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researchers have found that meditation has a profound effect on a person’s alpha rhythm. For those who don’t know, this brain wave not only helps cells process sight, touch, and sound, but it also works to counter both irrelevant and distracting sensations entering the body’s senses.

The type of meditation used in the study is called mindfulness meditation. As part of mindfulness meditation, practitioners focus nonjudgmental attention on their sensations, feelings and state of mind. Previous studies have suggested that mindfulness meditation helps people pay attention better when they need to complete a task. Researchers involved in the current study wanted to investigate whether individuals trained in mindfulness meditation also exhibited enhanced regulation of their alpha rhythms.

At the end of the eight weeks, the participants who completed the meditation program displayed changes in their alpha rhythms that suggested faster and more pronounced responses to cues intended to affect their attention and focus.

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