Living In Your Body

While much has been said as to the mental and physical benefits a meditation practice can offer, one of the most profound byproducts of meditating is an ability to be fully in your body. To a beginning meditator or one who hasn’t really tried to meditate, you might ask why is this such a benefit? Think about it for a minute, how much time do you actually focus on being in your body as opposed to in your head thinking about everything outside of it?

Wendy Strgar talks about living in your body in her recent Care 2 post in which she interviews meditation teacher Sandra Wheeler. According to Strgar, through a process called midline meditation technology, a person learns to settle into their body by first focusing on the top of the head and feeling the midline from the brain all the way to the tailbone.

One of the most profound lessons that this technique continues to show me is that it is actually our heart center, not our brain that is the most intelligent part of our beings.  Our heart center is the first area of our bodies that develops and has a magnetic field that extends out for miles. Our deepest wisdom and intuition is the voice that comes through our heart, not our brains.  I have learned how to listen to this place in me first. As I have learned to listen for what is working or not inside of me, the more that my outer life has responded.

Read more from Strgar on midline meditation technology, including her radio interview with Wheeler here.

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