Living Your Life Out Loud

The fact is that life is messy. And any attempt at trying to control this leaves most of us feeling disheartened, frustrated, and full of failure. Yes, many of the spiritual teachings that we follow have descended upon us from the masters who for some reason or another, at some point, were struck by the hand of God. Lucky for us that we have these wise words to ponder and follow, but how many of us can actually practice these messages while spending all our time at the base of the Bodhi tree?

MeiMei Fox, in her latest Huffington Post, gives us a somewhat comical, yet true to life look at maintaining a spiritual connection despite our day-to-day existence. Appropriately named “the life out loud”, Fox promotes the use of meditation and other tools from your spiritual first-aid kid, but stresses that equally important is appreciating and embracing a life of messiness.

Here is where I diverge from many of the modern and ancient masters. I revel — passionately, blissfully and unapologetically — in the “non-spiritual” aspects of my life. I celebrate my wild side with gusto. I enjoy being sloppy with my emotions. I’ve been called loud, obnoxious an attention-seeker. At times in my life, unlike Liz Gilbert, I’ve been promiscuous. And I’d argue that it hasn’t done me any harm. Nor have the drugs I’ve consumed at Burning Man. I’ve been known to make quite a mess of things in my personal life, getting divorced and then spending four years as “the human yo-yo” with a guy who couldn’t decide if he adored me or I made him miserable. I’ve plunged into new activities and commitments without thinking through my choices mindfully, as the spiritual gurus would urge. Sometimes, I give things a try just to see what will happen, knowing full well that I might wind up with a broken heart or woefully miniscule paycheck.

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