Making Time For Yourself With Meditation

Meditation | Reveal The Gifts Of The Present Moment With MeditationA lack of time. That’s the number one excuse people give when explaining why meditation isn’t apart of their everyday life. And while the excuse in itself is completely valid, the question is, what’s more important that a healthy relationship with yourself? The operative word being healthy, why wouldn’t you want a healthy relationship considering your view of yourself dictates how you see the world around you?

Checkout this recent Huffington Post from Lama Surya Das on the need to create time for oneself in order to meet the day refreshed and renewed. Through practices like meditation a person becomes more mindful of oneself and one’s surroundings so that the present moment can reveal her gifts.

Tuning into the present, the moment, is curative, a natural medicine. It heals us because it allows us to connect to the holy now — the sacred within mundane, conventional time.

Rest is sacred. This is not a new concept. The spiritual culture of India has long understood that faster is not necessarily better; we need meaningful time to accomplish our best self’s aims and purposes. Tibetan Buddhism’s esoteric Diamond Path reveals that right now is the perfect time, right here is the perfect place, our presence is sublime, it is the perfectly appropriate teaching lesson and each of us is the ideal person to be where we are right now. (Perhaps this last perfection is the hardest to swallow because of the critical way we habitually see ourselves.) These are called the Five Diamond Perfections, a marvelous system of elevating how we view the world and all things in it, which can ultimately reveal the innate light of divinity, the Buddhaness or Buddha nature, in everyone and everything.

Read more here from Lama Surya Das on using meditation to take care of yourself by staying aware.

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