Meditate Your Way To The Unmanifest

Meditation | Use Meditation To Travel To Other Dimensions Within The MindPeople meditate for various reasons. Some for physical and mental benefit. Others to help with spiritual issues getting in the way of a person experiencing peace and happiness. Another reason to practice meditation is to satisfy one’s deep curiosity over the unconscious, and in that one’s relationship with the unmanifest – the space before manifestation.

Andrew Z. Cohen takes a look at meditation and time travel in this recent Huffington Post. According to Cohen, meditation is use to soften the grip one has over one’s emotions, memory, time and body. In practicing meditation, a person becomes aware of the deeper dimension found in one’s awareness within which the whole world is contained. Connecting to this space, one awakens to the liberating nature of the ground of being.

The “ground of being” is empty. It is an objectless, timeless, spaceless, thoughtless void. But everything that exists has come from this no-place, including you and me. Paradoxically, while empty, this no-place is pregnant with infinite, unborn potential. It is the ground we all emerge from, the womb of the entire universe. When something came from nothing, 14 billion years ago, the nothing didn’t disappear. That unmanifest, unborn dimension is the ever-present ground out of which everything is arising in every moment. And meditation allows you to know this ground within your own experience. Even in the awareness of the body and the movement of thought, beneath it all, in the state of meditation, you become conscious of a current of stillness that is the echo and the reflection of the ground of being. There is a great mystery there. In the infinite depth of that emptiness, there arises a knowing, a pure knowing itself that seems to answer all our questions and relieve us of all our existential doubts.

Read more from Cohen on the benefits of meditation as it pertains to one’s ability to tap into the unmanifest here.

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