Meditating On A Glass Half Full

Part of becoming an adult involves accepting that many of our expectations will never be fully met. Pain, suffering, grief and loss are all normal feelings that, not until the judgmental hand of an expectation lowers itself, become negative. That said, many people find that separating from the judgement and moving to a place of simple awareness can be a challenging task.

A story of inspiration, Karen Hilsberg in an article published in the latest edition of Mindfulness recounts how despite her tremendous pain, in using meditation, relaxation techniques and a support group she allowed herself to be honest and objective despite her husband’s cancer (and ultimate death). According to Hilsberg, meditation allowed her to stay grounded in the present, develop the coping skills needed to move forward, and view her life from a “glass is half full” perspective.

Karen Hilsberg concludes: “The practice of mindfulness, the teachings and the sangha have encouraged me to continually use the realities of my own life experiences to find peace in the present moment. I have learned for myself that peace does not come from outside conditions, but that my true serenity can only come from within me. And life goes on and on – we are alive and breathing, and this is a miracle.”

Read more about Hilsberg’s inspiring story here.

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