Meditating On The Negative Space

As you continue to go deeper in your meditation practice, one exercise that many find helpful is a meditation that focuses on the negative space between two things.

For example, notice the space at the top of your inhalation right before you exhale. Now notice the bottom of your exhalation right before you inhale. While this type of practice might appear to be rudimentary, it’s actually a profound way to train your focus to let go of those things that typically snag a person’s mind.

In Susan Scott Morales’ latest Ann Arbor post, the meditation teacher explores how meditating on negative spaces can help a person to feel lighter as their awareness begins to naturally settle on the void.

In meditation, the negative space is often referred to as the “void,” “nothing” or “inner space.” My friend, physics professor Bonnie Wylo, says, “We aren’t made of anything but vibrating energy that creates the illusion of solidity and substance through our senses, which only pick up electromagnetic fields and other types of wave vibrations.” And, “Matter is 99.999999999 percent empty, but it really depends on how you define matter.”…

…In meditation, start by focusing externally — perhaps on the space between your fingers or toes. Imagine the minute area between the hairs on your head. Then with your eyes closed, imagine the inner spaces within your body.

Read more from Morales on meditating on the negative space here.

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