Meditation And Cancer Patients

Most people are aware by now that a daily meditation practice can lower anxiety, decrease stress, and help to give an overall sense of well being. Who better to use this tool than cancer patients? For many, a cancer diagnosis is downright terrifying. Coupled with the uncertainty of the future, those afflicted with the disease face many ups and downs.

Luckily, at the Cancer Support Center, meditation is being used to help cancer patients cope and adjust. According to this ABC News New York post, the center uses meditation to help patients to move attention away from their thoughts and toward their breath. They have found that the practice helps not only with a patient’s anxiety, but also sleep and mood problems.

“I’m trying to go for a more natural way of becoming more peaceful, more relaxed, less agitated, less worried,” said cancer survivor Regina Kirsch.

“Especially with cancer , I think it’s great to be able to clear your mind, center yourself and kind of clear those worries away,” said another cancer survivor Monica Ventorino.

Research shows that people who meditate heal faster and get sick less quickly and less often.

“It’s a form of stationary relaxation and I really enjoyed it. You’re in piece with your mind,” said Eva Culhane.

“It really helped me to relax and to sleep better. I had been taking sleeping pills so I was very happy that after 6 weeks of meditation I managed to get off my sleeping pills,” Culhane added.

Read more about how meditation is being used to help patients’ cancer side affects here.

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