Meditation And Gentle Exercise May Help Cancer Patients

Meditation | Meditation And Qigong Increase Health And Well BeingWhen it comes to meditation, figuring out which type of practice is best for you depends upon who you are and the circumstances around why you are wanting to cultivate a relationship with self in the first place. And while any practice will ultimately be beneficial to your body, mind, and soul, taking extra care to check out what practice is going to best suit your needs it vital for long term success.

In this latest Health Jockey post, a recent study from the University of Sydney on the benefits of meditation and Qigong in cancer patients is discussed. According to the study, researchers found a correlation between improved cognitive functioning, increased levels of well being and less inflammation in cancer patients who practiced a combination of these two ancient healing techniques.

Qigong is a 5000-year-old Chinese form of treatment that combines gentle exercise and meditation. A latest study triggered by the University of Sydney suggests that Qigong significantly improves cognitive functioning, raises well-being levels and lessens inflammation in cancer patients. Overall, those suffering from cancer reported dramatic improvement in their quality of life after performing this traditional Chinese medicine.

Read more on how meditation and Qigong is helping those suffering from cancer here.

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  1. Kane says:

    I agree that meditation can help patients heal, because our emotions are one of the most important reasons which caused our bodies ill. Meditation can keep our emotions in control, and so it can help keep us from illness caused by emotions.