Meditation And Other Fitness Tips To Heal Your Body

Meditation | Use Meditation To Replenish Your SoulIf you’re the type of person to take care of your mind and body you know that one single fitness slash healing practice doesn’t do it all. It’s a combination of several things that helps to not only enrich your life, but also replenish your soul. The trick is to find the right combination. The good news being that life is the journey, you get to do a lot of practicing.

Kathy Day, in this recent Indystar post covers several methods sure to help get you on the right track. According to Day, good health comes when you take into consideration physical exercise, diet, and mental health. Apart from eating raw foods and watching your sugar intake, it’s important to do things that move your body and your mind, like meditation.

Practice meditation: Taking time to sit in silence allows us to be free of the noise and distractions in our world. I recommend finding a space that feels safe and comfortable and where you can sit with your spine straight up. Even 5 minutes a day is good, but 20 to 30 minutes a day is even better.

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