Meditation And Parenting

Meditation | Practicing Meditation Can Make You A More Effective ParentAt first glance, Noah Levine looks more like a tattoo artist than a proud parent, a devoted husband, or the man behind the growing meditation movement that combines Buddhism and punk ideology. Son of Buddhist author Stephen Levine, Noah received his early life training the hard way. When he finally hit an emotional bottom, Noah turned a 180, began practicing Vipassana meditation, and received training from Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock Meditation Center). Today, he shares his experience with others.

In this recent Good Times Weekly post, reporter John Malkin sits down with Noah to get his take on life, meditation, and parenting. According to Levine, learning to be with what is rather than trying to control or manipulate has had a great influence on him as a father.

Buddhism deeply affects how I am as a person, therefore how I am as a parent. The practice of mindfulness gives me the ability to be present, patient and tolerant with my daughter when things are difficult.

There is a very interesting balance in parenting and in a marriage; to find a way to be connected and present without trying to control. Being connected is very different than being attached. Attached has a need to control the outcome of what is happening. Connection is just being with what is.

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