Meditation And Reiki Make For A Good Combo

Meditation | Use Meditation And Reiki To Open The 7 ChakrasIf you’ve been around complementary medicine at all, you know that while one method can be helpful, combining two well-paired techniques, like meditation and Reiki, can be extremely beneficial. Especially when it comes to opening up your body’s energy channels.

Paula Horan pens this recent Times of India post on the practice of Reiki. As most people know, meditation is a powerful mental, physical, and spiritual healing practice that allows a person to heal on a multitude of levels. However, according to Horan, by combining meditation with Reiki, it’s possible to further enhance you body’s life fore energy while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety.

Reiki is a hands-on healing method which calms the mind and raises life force energy. Most physical ailments are the direct cause of a disturbed mind, and the calming effect of Reiki on the mind heals a large number of chronic and acute conditions. It also adds greatly to the efficacy of meditation or spiritual practices.

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