Meditation And Stillness In The City That Never Sleeps

As I’m sure everyone is aware, world renowned guru and spiritual teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been making his rounds recently in the US. One of his primary stops was in New York to unveil a new wellness movement called I Meditate NY. The program is designed to help those living in the city that never sleeps to well, sleep. Actually, to hep provide motivation for them to connect to themselves through meditation. Although the event occurred last week, the experience is still resonating with those who attended.

Uma Viswanathan shares how the event affected her in this latest Huffington Post. According to Viswanathan, one profound moment occurred for her when she felt her boundaries, her walls, come down following Shankar laying out his three guiding principles to enter meditation.

As we collectively sank into the experience of meditation, the boundaries between us — faith, language, and background — blurred. Taking this moment to shut out life’s distractions … close our eyes … and dip into stillness … seemed to fade these walls.

Have you noticed over the years how the walls we carefully construct around ourselves, to protect and separate us from others and from ourselves, have gotten thicker? When I was a kid, it was common to strike up a conversation or offer help to the person standing next to you. Now, we don’t even acknowledge the existence of the people around us. We don’t even smile at each other on the subways and streets, or, if we do, we give plastic smiles, as our minds are far too distracted to mean it. Our iPhones and iPods and widgets and gadgets have given us the illusion that our fast-paced lives are far more important than the simple act of momentarily embracing being a human being.

Read more about Viswanathan and her meditation experience here.

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