Meditation And Tai Chi

Although the use of energy healing practices have been used for centuries in the East, the use of these healing modalities is relatively new in the West. The ancient healing practice of Tai Chi is among the most popular. A meditation practice by nature, Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that uses a series of flowing hard and soft style defensive movements. One of the guiding principles in Tai Chi is harmony. This is achieved through the equal and opposite forces contained in each of the movements.

This Odessa American Online article by Lyxan Toledanes reflects on how Tai Chi is used as a meditation to help people to let go. According to Toledanes, when done correctly there isn’t enough time for a person to think. When someone practicing Tai Chi is focusing on the breath and the flow of the movements, an empty mind is possible. The benefits of Tai Chi are both mental and physical.

“When you get really deep into the meditation, it’s a really spiritual feeling,” Lincoln said. “You get to where you don’t worry about things. In meditation, worries have no place, because worry creates tension and it doesn’t solve any problems.”

Because the focus of Lincoln’s Tai Chi class has no religious emphasis, people of any religious background, from Protestants to Buddhists, can participate…

“It’s a personal use of different energies to come up with the same end. The ultimate thing is just the better health,” Lincoln said.

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