Meditation And The Art Of Waiting

Meditation | Practice Meditation To Learn How To WaitNot many people I know like to wait. Whether it’s waiting in line or for someone to follow through, waiting tends to be somewhat of a drag. I’m not quite sure what the rush is all about, could be my expectations, but when waiting, my secret rulebook on how life is supposed to be tends to hit the best seller’s list.

Checkout this recent Washington Post from Tom Toles on the art of waiting, or rather the somewhat funny and ugly truth of it. According to Toles, at least for him, waiting causes a break in his equilibrium. His solution? Practice meditation. A good book on Buddhism might help as well.

I’m tired of waiting. Are you the type who does not like waiting? I turn out to be that type. I’m uncertain whether or not there are people who actually LIKE to wait, but I have discovered that there are people who are really BAD at it and I am one of those. I think not liking to wait has a name and that name is impatience, and impatience is not generally regarded as a virtue.

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