Meditation And The True Self

Meditation | Use Meditation To Access Your True SelfSome people practice meditation because it’s the in thing to do. Popularized by the media and celebrities alike, meditation holds the promise of helping one to become rich and maybe even just a little famous.

For others, however, meditation is an entirely different thing all together. Not only is the practice used to reduce stress and anxiety and as a means to think more clearly in difficult situations, meditation is used as a way for these people to better get to know their true selves.

In this Q & A Intent post, Deepak Chopra reflects on meditation as a way to access one’s core self, and in that, the freedom from one’s mental conditioning.

For knowing your true self, I know of nothing better than starting a meditation.  A silent meditation practice will give you the experience of your core self that lies beyond your thoughts, feelings and mental conditioning. Finding your essential nature independent of your past pain and confusion is not only illuminating, but it is also helpful in continuing your healing process. When you discover your true self, you know that your real self can never be hurt, clouded, or traumatized and this provides the understanding and security from which you can let go of the pain of the past.

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