Meditation And Your DNA

Meditation | Meditation Helps Generate Telomerase To Repair Damaged TelomeresWhereas in the past, when you wanted to understanding the benefits a meditation practice could have in your life, the best you could do was to listen to your local guru, shaman, or medicine man. Luckily today, with all the technological developments available to researchers and scientists in the medical field, science is beginning to validate those once sacredly held intuitive opinions.

Checkout this recent Visual MD post from Deepak Chopra about the effect meditation has on a person’s DNA. According to Chopra, telomeres which are the end tips of our chromosomes play a vital role in cell division. The problem is that they get shorter and damaged every time a cell divides. And stress causes cell division. So what’s the point? Practice meditation which leads to less stress which leads to longer telomeres which leads to a longer life.

Chopra also shares a few meditation tips for beginning meditators.

Those who have never attempted a meditation practice may feel unsure about beginning. Do I have to study anything, buy anything? No. There are many ways to meditate, and you may enjoy learning about many of them, but mindful awareness should never feel like hard work or a formal program. Meditation is, by definition, not trying. Start by taking 20 minutes to close your eyes and sit still. Find the quiet in your mind. Focus on one thing: Yourself doing nothing. Be aware of your breathing, let your muscles relax, and let go of your daily concerns. If you are thinking about the future or remembering the past, your mind is not in the present. The goal is for your mind to be only in the present. Not only will you feel at peace, you will know that your practice is benefitting your overall health and longevity.

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