Meditation As A Complement To Cancer Treatment

Meditation | Meditation And Alternative Treatments WorkPosts like this excite me. Why? Because they show how we as a culture are moving more and more in the direction of using alternative treatments to help heal and uncover the root causes of life threatening diseases like cancer. Even more profound, however, is the implied message: because no two people are alike, treatment options must be equally as diverse.

Checkout this recent Huffington Post from psychologist Joseph Nowinski. In it, Nowinski contemplates the effectiveness of meditation when it comes to treating cancer. According to Nowinski, current meditation studies show promise in helping to relieve those symptoms associated with both the disease and a cancer diagnosis. Nowinski speaks to two specific meditation techniques:

Concentrative Meditation (CM)
This describes TM and similar meditation practices that teach individuals to focus on a single image, sound or mantra, or even on their own breathing.

Mindful Meditation (MM)
In mindful meditation, individuals are taught not to focus their attention in a singular way, but rather to be aware of any and all thoughts, feelings, sounds and images that may pass through their mind. And that is the key to MM: Letting them pass through your mind, as opposed to trying to hold on to any one of them.

Read more from Nowinski about meditation and cancer here.

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