Meditation As A Pathway To Love

Love is probably the greatest human feeling that a person can experience. That said, once the feeling is translated into words and memory it can lose its intrinsic value as the experience becomes subject to discussion and process. For most, holding onto the feeling can be fleeting at best. The difficulty is not in feeling it (cause it’s everywhere), but how to hold onto it once realized.

In this Times of India post from Prasanna Guru, meditation as the means by which to bridge the conscious and the unconscious is discussed. In creating a bridge between the two, over time most people find themselves able to break free from the bondage that occurs when the mind takes over. Unfortunately, without freedom from that bondage, unconscious repressions prevent the true practice of love.

Meditation cleanses the dust of ignorance that accumulates over time. The more you use meditation to get back to your source, your inner Self, the more you become aware of your unconscious repressions which were hindering you from knowing your potential. Once the unconscious repressions are brought out and they pass through the channel of the conscious mind, you become free of bondages. Without this release, any attempt to love yourself and others becomes an exercise in futility.

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