Meditation As A Source Of Comfort

Meditation | Use Meditation To Experience ConsciousnessFor most, the thought of a comfortable life bring up images of material abundance. Enough money in the bank, food on the table, good friends, and the ability to enjoy some of the finer things here and there bring a sense of contentment. However, what many people don’t consider when it comes to comfort is the quality of one’s internal environment, and in that conscious connection to one’s spirit.

Renowned meditation teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar pens this recent Huffington Post on the qualities of a spiritual life and how true comfort is found by cultivating a relationship with consciousness through practices like meditation.

According to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the root of consciousness is love. Without awareness of this, a person can find oneself unhappy, dependent, and depressed.

Comfort: A quality of consciousness

Whatever one does is directed towards one goal, happiness or comfort. Often people think that comfort comes in a material way, through matter alone. Comfort is a quality of consciousness. To some degree it does depend on matter, but to a greater degree it depends on attitude and understanding.

The true nature of the spirit is comprehension

You listen, you understand and you absorb. Who is understanding? Who is absorbing? It is the spirit in your body that is taking in the knowledge. And this knowledge is not coming through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch alone. It is also coming from inside as intuition.

The very nature of consciousness is knowledge

You can say that at every level of consciousness, knowledge is present. And consciousness is present! If it were nothing, it could not be present. It is something, yet it is not finite. You cannot measure consciousness, so it is present and infinite.

The nature of your consciousness is peace: You are love

Consciousness is peace. You are peace, you are truth, and you are energy, walking, moving, talking, sitting. The “self” is energy and the “self” is knowledge, the knowing and the knower. This consciousness is love, you are love. Understanding and living this is the spiritual life. Life attains its richest form through the spiritual dimension. Without it life becomes very shallow and you are unhappy, dependent, depressed and miserable.

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