Meditation As A Way To Smell The Roses

Meditation | Meditation Can Bring Joy And Appreciation To Our LivesAre you the type of person that stops to smell the roses, or are you a person that charges down life’s path attempting to see as many of them as possible?

For most of us, an ability to keep pace while also allowing the time to appreciate one’s experience is a delicate balance that is learned from many years of trial and error. Without the former, a person never gets anywhere. Yet without the latter, one’s life can feel disconnected, purposeless, and mundane. And while meditation is a good tool to use to learn to cultivate this delicate balance, unless a person is purposeful in the search, it’s possible at times to get a bit off track.

Lilian Cheung pens this recent Huffington Post on mindfulness in an attempt to remind us of the importance of meditation as a way to bring joy and appreciation to our lives. Framing her practice around becoming aware of the intricacies of our surroundings, Cheung promotes practicing a flower meditation as a means to not only connect to the unity found in nature, but also to the impermanence of life.

Looking deeply into the flower, we are reminded that change occurs in each moment, within us and around us. We grow, the weather turns, the flower withers, but we are still ourselves in essence, the sky is still the sky and the flower remains a flower, long after its blossom fades.

Understanding the impermanence of life, we transcend ideas of existence and non-existence, same and different. We realize our connection to the people and things around us; we do not feel alienated or separated from the world. In this awareness, we are empowered to live consciously and compassionately.

Every moment is an opportunity. Due to life’s impermanent nature, everything is possible! Even when circumstances seem too difficult, we can be the lotus flower, reaching through murky waters towards the sunshine.

In the Buddhist tradition, the lotus flower represents the true nature of beings. We rise into the peace and clarity of enlightenment, blooming with vibrant beauty. Understanding that current obstacles will cease to exist, we are energized to keep reaching. Within the mud, we savor the sunshine, which streams through darkness.

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