Meditation As An Opening To Compassion

Although most meditators you speak to will say that meditation has led them to greater insight, clarity and transcendence, many meditation debunkers believe that the practice serves only as a way to escape and self indulge. While you would think that these individuals might not truly understand what meditation is all about, their points are worth discussing.

In another great post from Susan Scott Morales, these two meditation debunking theories are addressed. According to her Ann Arbor post, Morales believes that meditation provides the means in which to better get in touch with yourself. That said, the purpose is not a matter of selfishness. Rather, a solid meditation practice leads to a person having more compassion.

My friends who meditate regularly are among the strongest, most compassionate people I know. Meditation leads to self-awareness: facing your shortcomings, your limitations and taking responsibility for them. It can also give glimpses of our amazing potential, which can be the scariest of all.

What I’ve observed is that meditation also leads to self-compassion, which allows us to be more compassionate with others. What’s more important than that?

Read more from Morales on how meditation leads to compassion here.

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