Meditation Beats Dance When You Want To Ground

Go to any club and watch how people use dance to get to know themselves. Any successful (or not so successful) dancer will tell you that in order to enjoy the process you need to let the beat penetrate your soul. One would think that because of this, when it comes to connecting, dance would provide the best possible way to achieve this goal. Not so says a UC Berkeley study.

According to this post by Yasmin Anwar, using meditation as a way to harmonize the body and mind fared better than dance. Berkeley researchers found that even dancers who dedicated enormous amounts of time to developing awareness and body control showed less of a connection between their mind and body than did veteran mindfulness meditation or Vipassana practitioners.

The purpose of the study was to gather more information on the connection between the mind and body.

Increasingly, mindfulness meditation is being used to treat physical and psychological problems, researchers point out. “We believe that some of these health benefits derive from meditation’s capacity to increase the association between mind and body in emotion.”

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