Meditation Benefits Abound In The Surf

Meditation | Use Nature To Experience The Benefits Of MeditationWhen it comes to practicing meditation, most people are aware of how important it is to find that special space that helps facilitate a deep connection with yourself. Meaning calm and quiet. And while many use their living room floors to cultivate that relationship, taking your practice into nature can be equally as powerful and profound.

Cara Pescatore reflects on the healing properties of the beach in this recent Toms River Patch post. According to Pescatore, apart from the sun, surf, and sand, the beach provides natural relaxation suitable for any meditation practice. Focusing on the crashing waves can help to generate a deep meditative state.


Where better to relax and let your mind go than at the beach. The mind and body both need (and deserve) at little rest from time to time. In this current fast pace society, we are burdened by so much stress. Most people don’t realize that stress can actually cause chemical imbalances in the brain, and these changes can influence the state of your health. That said, we must take some time to rest and allow our minds and bodies to recharge.

To sit and look out at the vast ocean and listen to the crashing waves is extremely therapeutic. It is a way to allow the mind to wander and is a great starting place for meditation. I recommend to anyone striving to reach a meditative state, to try it on the beach first. It tends to really help to have such a calm and peaceful environment without any of the distractions in the home.

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