Meditation Benefits Abound

Meditation Benefits | Meditation Teaches Us That We Are Not AloneIf you’ve picked up a newspaper or Google’d meditation recently, you know that when it comes to mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, meditation is in its heyday. It’s not that the information is new, it’s that collectively the world is finally beginning to recognize how valuable a meditation practice truly is. And while some find that actually sitting down and focusing within to be a bit of a challenge, those who stick with it are rewarded ten-fold.

Checkout this recent post from Nasrin Safai on the benefits of meditation. Again, not a revolutionary revelation, what Safai does do is present (in a very clear way) how practicing meditation and connecting to one’s Source can help people profoundly transform their lives on numerous levels. According to Safai, one of the greatest benefits meditation teaches is that we are not alone.

Meditation is meant to help you to reconnect to that Supreme Essence which you have forgotten existed within you and around you; that greater power who is always around watching, guiding and guarding you. When you feel that connection, then you let go of all fears, fears of loneliness, fears of abandonment, fears of rejection, fears of having to do it alone, fears of nobody watching your back. That connection with the Higher Power brings a feeling of peace and calm which is a welcome change from the norm.

Meditation enhances the feeling of self  love and love for others. It encourages your sense of self trust and trust in others. It renews your sense of self confidence and the ability to confide in and trust the Higher Power and its ability to guide, guard and protect you. Ultimately, Meditation can bring peace of mind, unconditional love , unconditional acceptance and reunite us all in Oneness. You can see the proof of this in the lives of living Saints and Avatars. Born Enlightened, these Spiritual Masters, known as Avatars, offer their entire lives in sacrifice. They live their lives to serve and help us remember that we are not alone. They live in a state of constant meditation and constant connection with the Higher Power, the Supreme Consciousness. In fact they are believed to be the embodiment of the love of the Supreme Consciousness, taken form.

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