Meditation Benefits Are A Personal Affair

Meditation | Learn To Tolerate Life With MeditationFor anyone who has been meditating for a while, by now you are sure to have your own personal list of positives and negatives when it comes to the practice. That said, hopefully the former outweighs the latter. Maybe you find that it takes too much time away from thinking? Or maybe there’s a point in every meditation where you backside finally says, “enough!” Or just maybe, you reconnected to that playful, carefree, and creative part of yourself you forgot about so long ago. To you, meditation is precious.

Mike Reeves-McMillan, in this latest Pick The Brain post, shares with us 5 benefits he’s taken away from his meditation practice. Top on the list? His newly found ability to more easily tolerate the boring stuff.

1. A tolerance for boring stuff

Meditation is, let’s face it, boring. You sit still and think of nothing. How amusing is that?

Which is my point. By practicing meditation, however inconsistently, I’ve developed my ability to endure not being constantly entertained and engaged. I can now do a tedious task at work without feeling so much negativity about it.

That doesn’t sound like much of a benefit, until you reflect that the ability to do boring stuff is a key element of success. Partly, this is because not many people will stick with it, so the people who can have an automatic advantage.

Practice that isn’t very entertaining is the way to become an expert, a success. Meditation helps prepare you for that.

2. The ability to be physically still

3. The ability to sit with emotions and let them be

4. The ability to let go of thoughts I don’t need

5. A wordless sense of self

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  1. Jodi says:

    I have been practicing meditation for most of my life. While I’m sure that each meditation produces different benefits (and to greater or lesser degrees), the result of my meditation is that I experience a state of deep peacefulness and a little piece of that state is carried into my daily activity. I am less effected by stress or business. I am more conscious of my needs, my intuition, myself. I can’t imagine a person who would not enjoy having a little more calm in their daily life– it’s a state of being that I think on some level we all crave. And for me… mediation has been the solution.

  2. Thanks for the mention. Jodi, the calm and stress-coping are definitely big benefits for me as well, but in the post on Pick the Brain I was focusing specifically on the benefits I hadn’t expected to get. I knew about the calm going in.

  3. RITA BORG says:

    Thank you for ithe easy teaching i never meditate in my life and i am 64 lately there has been a program that constantely talks about the benefits of meditation for older people,thank GOD i learned the computer last year so i can learn more and keep more active.I wish i can live to be 100,


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