Meditation Benefits Explained

Meditation | Meditation Benefits A Healthy RelationshipAlthough the mechanics behind meditation are fairly simple, many beginning meditators get caught up in trying to decide which practice would best serve them. And if that doesn’t get them, endlessly considering whether or not meditation could benefit their particular need. Here’s the easy answer: no practice is better than another and meditation is good for everything, so you don’t have to worry about it. All set?!

If you still don’t believe me, checkout this recent Associated Content post on meditation with psychotherapist and meditation instructor Kellyjoy Kanaley. According to Kanaley, one of the biggest benefits meditation holds is its ability to show people how to better react to situations. By practicing daily meditation, a person teaches oneself one of life’s most important lessons: pausing.

We experience suffering very quickly at times. Instantly, we are catapulted from a happy state, or neutral state of being, into a hurt, or angry, or embarrassed state. Whatever the experience of suffering is, that

state is triggered quickly. It could arise from an outside experience (ie. We are cut off in traffic, or we were misunderstood by our partner) or from an internal process from the past (ie. We see a child being reprimanded by a parent and that brings up our own memory of being either a parent or a child in a painful situation) and suddenly we are caught in cyclic thinking that creates quite a bit of suffering. Sometimes we react self-deprecating, or we are angry towards others.

So daily meditation, even if it is only for 5 minutes a day, can and does start to create some space around whatever triggers we are sensitive to. With more space, we don’t tense up as quickly, or we’re more aware of our tension in the moment and can then choose to relax a bit, breathe deeper and react as we would hours or days after the event.

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