Meditation Benefits In A Fast Paced World

Meditation Benefits | Practice Proper Breathing To Experience Maximum Benefit During MeditationWhen it comes to maintaining your good health and well being, it’s probably no surprise to find out that much of it depends upon your ability to balance stress with relaxation. And although many believe that meditation only serves a person spiritually, the truth is meditation benefits extend to a person’s physical and mental health as well.

Checkout this recent Bukisa post on the benefits of meditation as well as commentary on the importance of proper breathing during meditation. According to the article, to achieve maximum benefit from meditation, breathing deeply and taking air into both the abdomen and chest is vital. Most people unconsciously breath only by filling the upper chest with air. Unlike with deep breathing, which promotes a state of calm and relaxation, upper chest breathing perpetuates an anxious and fear based state.

Take a deep breath, inhale slowly and fill your lungs to capacity. When you lungs are full, hold the breath for a second, then exhale slowly. During meditation, you are focused on your breathing. Keep breathing like this until you feel relaxed. In order to focus yourself more on your breathing; inhale, hold, and exhale to a count. For example: Inhale for a count of 5, hold for a count of 2, exhale for a count of 5, hold for another count of 2 and repeat. If a count of 5 is not long enough to fill your lungs, make the count longer (but don’t hold the breath for longer than a count of 4). Keeping a count during deep breathing helps to focus you more on just that activity while clearing everything else out of your mind.

While you can use the breathing exercise at just about anytime in any place, it’s better to have a quiet place to relax in order to reap the full benefits of meditation. Any place that offers you at least a few minutes of privacy is ideal. Whether it be at home, in your car, in the break room at work or even in the bathroom, a few private minutes during the aforementioned breathing exercise will help you to relax. Sit, stand or lay in a comfortableposition and initiate the breathing exercise. Relax with every inhale and let tension leave your body with every exhale. Even if you only have the time to do this for a minute, you should feel more relaxed and ready to face the challenge(s) that lie ahead of you.

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